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Floppy Live Chat Software offers an immediate online chat service through an easy to use webchat interface and friendly design. With Floppy Chat Software, quickly get started by collecting the information 24/7 through forms. It will ultimately help in boosting up the sales of your business along with improved customer experience.
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Affordable price plans
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Multipurpose online chat
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Delight Customers, Engage Visitors, and Qualify Leads Today with FloppyChat

Floppy chat is a live chat service provider that allows you to reach out to your customers in real-time. You can easily talk to your customers before they even ask a question. The automated online live chat trigger helps customers who are lingering on your website. Start using floppy chat today to bring your website to the next level. Having a live chat on your website will help you qualify leads and engage the visitors through easy contact. Additionally, your incoming telephone traffic will decrease, and your conversions will increase rapidly.
Other Services Of Floppy
With one of the best live chat websites, we at FloppyChat offer various of services to help you set up a complete modern website with FloppyHoster, FloppySend, and FloppyStore. The functions of all three of them are briefed below:
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FloppyHoster offers web hosting services to all its clients. No matter what your web hosting requirements are, FloppyHoster will meet all your needs.
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FloppySend offers email and SMS sending services to all its client. With FloppySend, you can send automated bulk emails and SMS to all your clients and target customers.
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FloppyStore offers excellent services to all the e-commerce sites that will help the e-commerce websites in providing a seamless experience to all its users.

How does It work?

Want to know how we work? It's super easy to get started with your own Floppy Live Chat System. With the simple 3 step guide, you can get started with an online live chat feature on your website.
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Sign up

The first step is to sign up on FloppyChat by creating an account with an authentic email address.
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Confirm Email

After signing up, you will get a verification mail on your email address that you have used at the time of signing up. Now, in this step, you have to confirm the email with which you have signed up.
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After confirming the email, the last step is to add the Widget, and you are all done with installing the Best Free Live Chat Software on your website.
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What Is Floppy Chat?

Floppy Chat System is the best web chat software that allows you to connect with your customers in real-time. Floppy Live Chat is a medium through which your business can engage with your website visitors and clients via Floppy Online Chat. The software that allows the live chat is generally referred to as Floppy Live Chat Software or customer messaging software.

Why Use FloppyChat?

Confused regarding why to use Floppy live chat software on your website? Get an answer to this question below:
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Keep Your Data Secured

At FloppyChat, we take your data's security and privacy very seriously. Therefore, we ensure that your data is all time secured with us. From Privacy Shield Certification to Data Encryption, we have got you and your data covered and protected.
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Stronger Relationships With Customers

Floppy online chat software is a non-intrusive and personal form of contact that allows you to quickly interact with your customers, thus leading to building a strong relationship with your customers. With us, you will be able to connect with your customers in a better way and build their trust.
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Make your customers happy

Your customers generally have three options to contact you, either by mail, call, or chat. But the fact is that the customers who chat live are much more satisfied with the customer service of the business than those who call or email. So, by using the Floppy live chat system, you can make your customers happy, and you will then be able to reach a customer satisfaction (CSAT) score as high as 99%.
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Increases Sales

The floppy live chat will speed up your customer service, which has a positive impact on your sales. Use FloppyChat to help and assist your website visitors exactly when they feel the need. It will ensure higher and increased sales.
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Boosts Up Your Credibility

By adding floppy chat live to your website, it will add and boost the credibility of your website. Your website visitors will immediately know that there are real people behind the website who are all time ready to help them out.

Choose Your Pricing Plan

If you are planning on taking this amazing FloppyChat to help your customers get the things they want; we have great plans with even greater prices for you.
$ 39 /mo
per agent
billed annually
or $29 billed Monthly
$ 39 /mo
per agent
billed annually
or $29 billed Monthly
$ 39 /mo
per agent
billed annually
or $29 billed Monthly
Terms & Conditions | Usage Policy
Terms & Conditions | Usage Policy